Greenbush La Leche League


All La Leche League meetings follow a 'come when you can, leave when you must' policy.

The first two monthly meetings are Series Meetings where topics cover a wide range from breastfeeding questions and challenges to nutrition and weaning and everything in between.

Greenbush La Leche League encourages a discussion format so everyone can freely add information or ask questions; all women and children are always welcome.

Cancellations: Any time there is a weather related school closing or a delay in either the Averill Park or East Greenbush school district, meetings will always be cancelled. The acebook Page will always have the latest information on cancellations.

Meeting Info

Greenbush La Leche League offers a variety of monthly meetings including daytime and evening meetings. Meetings are held in North Greenbush, Rensselaer, and Troy. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact one of our Leaders or check the acebook page! In the event of winter weather cancellations, we'll hold online meetings. Details for those meetings can be found on the acebook page.